Happy Songs

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Happy Songs
Happy Songs

Sometimes I just need to take a moment away from everything and everyone and listen to a happy song.  When I say a happy song it doesn’t mean that it’s really fast or uptempo.  It means it touches me and encourages me.  Sometimes they make me cry…but I’m happier after listening to them.

I recently posted a video on my Facebook page that created quite a stir.  It was a preacher talking about the evils of worldly music.  So many people commented on this post because they felt very strongly against what he was saying.  I knew that the preacher used to be a hip hop video dancer and so he was trying in his spiritual journey to distance himself from his past lifestyle.  But those who watched his video felt a sense of narrow mindedness in the sermon because it seemed that the preacher wanted all styles of music except for hymns, spirituals and maybe classical music to be avoided.  It reminded me that music tastes vary as our experiences, personalities, and cultures do.  And people feel very strongly about their music.

I am very eclectic.  My DNA comes from a mixture of countries and cultures.  And my musical taste is equally varied.  So I hope you find my list of songs interesting.  I would love if you’d share with me what your “happy songs” are and why in the comments below.  But mostly, my prayer is that they will touch you and encourage you and of course…make you smile!

Here they are in no order of preference.  Enjoy!!!

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