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Your SupportMany have wondered about the goal of Journey To Worship: The Blog or The Musical and now The Griffiths Family Show and how to support us.  So I’d like to take a brief moment to share with you a little bit of how we got here.

My wife and I have been sharing our musical gifts in similar ways for almost as long as we can remember. We have been musical evangelists (This summer I am the musical guest at Cheasapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Campmeeting, June 14-18, 2016 and Monique will be the musical evangelist at The Allegheny East Campmeeting, June 23-July 3, 2016) far and wide and are happy to have been used by God for his glory.

But we’ve both had dreams of taking our careers to another level.

Because we both have a heart for service we have often made the decision to go the road less traveled and helped out smaller churches (We are currently serving at a small church in Denton, Maryland helping with music, the youth, small groups, and fitness). However, they aren’t able to pay for all that they need. But we choose to help anyway.

But now we feel it’s time to be able to share to a broader audience.

So we’ve been blogging and thanks to a very generous donor we’ve started a Youtube channel where we reveal how our musical family tries to put faith, fitness and fun together without going crazy. The response to both the blog and the Youtube channel have been overwhelmingly positive.

In addition I was able to premiere a musical a few months ago based upon my experiences as a missionary in Korea. My mentor in theater, Glenn Alan, told me that was really more of a table reading and that as we are able to gather some more resources we would be able to fully stage and video tape it to bring my story to more people.

One more ministry that we’ve started is called “Prayer and Song.” We open our home on Monday evenings to invite any who are interested to come sing some songs of praise, share some testimonies and have a season of prayer. Most weeks Monique will cook for the folks too so it’s become a real intimate and friendly fellowship. We’ve received so many comments about how this ministry has been a blessing…one lady shared how she had been missing from church for 2 months and no one even called to check on her. The small group setting is one we believe in strongly.

We really could use your help. Over the past 14 years the number of people who have asked Monique when she was going to record another CD are too numerous to count. We simply are not able to afford it with all the ministry projects we are currently volunteering to do. Would you consider being a partner with our ministry?

Our next big projects are a CD for Monique and a Movie and full production of the musical, Journey To Worship. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! Don’t forget to pray for us. We are only able to do what we’ve done so far because of your prayers and support. Below you’ll find a button to donate. You can give a monthly contribution or a one time gift. Every bit helps.

Thanks again for your support!

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