www.davidgriffiths.orgThe Griffiths Vocal Studio: Why Study With Us?

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When you study at The Griffiths Vocal Studio you get a team of voice teachers.  David and Monique combined have almost 40 years of teaching experience.  You are getting two voice teachers who are excellent alone for the price of one.  That’s great value!

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Because The Griffiths Vocal Studio focuses each student’s journey based upon agreed upon goals from the beginning with weekly assessments to see if we are staying on track, students are pleased with the improvements they see.  Monique and David are proud of each student they’ve had the privilege to help, but are especially humbled by the success of the many professional singers they have helped.  Risa Binder and April Sampe are two wonderful examples.  You can see how they are doing by clicking on their names.

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Both Monique and David are internationally known as outstanding singers.  Not only are they great teachers but they themselves are the best advertisement of the success of their teaching method because it’s what they use to train themselves.  Here are a few examples of their singing.


So what are you waiting for?  Contact The Griffiths Vocal Studio Today! 301-244-8493 or

P.S.  You can enjoy some of their singing tips and here some of their vocal performances on their Youtube channel, The Griffiths Family Show.

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